Shipments and Returns

- Availability and delivery times

Shipment of all goods is in stock, the provider provides one to three working days from the date received order.

The bidder shall at all times strive to have in stock in their warehouse maximize the quantity of products, their great diversity ( colors, styles, sizes, and content sets ) is too large to be had at any time in stock right all products. For goods which at the time of receipt of the order is not in stock, the bidder by e-mail forwarded as the expected date of delivery or the user's call and agreed on the best solution.

If the user between standard products and / or kits can not find the product / package according to your preferences, you can write to and together with the provider will try to find the best option for the user.

- Return a product

The bidder is responsible for the quality of goods. If a user received a product that does not meet his expectations, it will be replaced with another provider or user return the purchase price. User must recovery product provider to notify within 14 days of receipt of the shipment, with no need to specify any details. Notify the user of withdrawal by e-mail or any of the telephone numbers listed in the contact the provider. The user must return the product within 30 days from the previously sent notification. The return of goods received by the customer within which to withdraw from the contract ( 14 days from the receipt of shipment ) is considered to be a notice of withdrawal.

The user must return the goods to the following address : Alexander Markus s.p., Preradovičeva ul. 19, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia

Terms and method of returning the goods accurately identifies and describes the Consumer Protection Act in Articles 43c and 43d !

Upon receipt of the notice or. the returned product will be contacted by the user and the provider will agree on the most appropriate method of refunding the purchase price. Service Provider shall return the entire purchase price including costs incurred to ship. The cost of returning the goods were charged to the user. For the fastest possible return of the purchase price the time of notification to return the product provider shall also notify your bank account number to which the payment is made.